Sunday, November 28, 2010

All that glitters in this world

I’ve recently become obsessed with glittery Christmas decorations. This all started when I was in Nashville visiting Victoria. She had a glittery pumpkin that her aunt made for her as a Fall decoration. It was so cute and I thought it was such a great idea. When we were out shopping later, we noticed that many of the shops sold glittery Christmas decorations (which were way overpriced and could be easily made at home).
Glittered pine cones
Seems pretty easy, huh? And so cute!
After my trip I got a bright idea that all of my new Christmas decorations should be glittery. Today I went on a glitter buying spree. I bought a few things that were already glittery and a few things that I want to glitter on my own. PLUS I finally found a way to spend some of my Pottery Barn gift card money!
I bought 12 of these from Pottery Barn. I can't wait to put them on our tree!
Big Lots wall decor
I got these at the dollar store...I'm thinking they would look good either on the tree on as a wall decoration

I think I did pretty well finding glittery things in stores, although I can't promise I'm done with my buying spree. Now on to my upcoming projects. I know glitter is messy. I absolutely HATE doing glittery projects with my kids at school for this reason. I just feel the need to attempt glittering my own decorations.
I don't think this will be too hard - glittering it will up it's value from $3 to at least $5 :-)
Also, as soon as I can figure out where to locate pine cones in this city, I will surely be glittering a bunch of them. Perhaps to make them into tree decorations - maybe for a centerpiece. All I know is that I am officially obsessed with glitter and I don't think my love for it will end anytime soon!


  1. I've been trying to find pine cones too! Love all your sparkly decorations!! My aunt would too! :)

  2. I am all OVER the glitter! Love it! I'm a firm believer that Christmas should sparkle!