Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Cradle List

This post is going to jump all over the place. It’s three stories put together, so just bear with me here. It’ll all make sense in the end, I promise.

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows. It’s ridiculously funny, witty, and sometimes as hard as it may seem - relatable. For some reason, my hubby and me only discovered our love for the show this year, and after watching a few episodes we immediately went out and found all 6 seasons...and proceeded to watch every single episode. There were many nights and weekends spent on the couch watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon. It was, and kind of still is, a rather unhealthy obsession.
Such a great show

Recently they had an episode where the two married characters, Marshall and Lily, are having problems getting pregnant. After getting really upset about it, they come up with a concept that makes them feel better. They decide to create a list of things they want to do before they have kids and dub it “The Cradle List.”

After watching that episode I couldn’t stop thinking of a similar list for Jordan and me. We’ve been married for a year, and the most common, and honestly most annoying question we get is “When are you going to have kids?” The answer to that, which some people don’t quite like, is we’re still young and as of now nowhere near ready to become parents. We have so many things we want to do before that major step in our lives. So (drum roll please...)

After thinking about it a lot, I developed my “cradle list” of things I want to attempt to do before having kids.
(Some things we’ve already accomplished and some things are still in the works.)

1) Travel as much as possible and visit friends that live out of town.
In the past year we went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon, West Palm Beach to visit our friends Lindsay and Harley, I went to Nashville to visit Victoria, and we just got back from a trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley. We’re going on a trip with my parents to the Bahamas this summer too. I’m oh so excited about that one!
Our vacations this year

Even though we’ve done a lot of traveling this year, there are still so many places I would love to go. My hypothetical travel list includes: New York to visit Allison, DC to visit Amelia and Will, Vegas, Chicago to see the Cubs (Jordan’s favorite team), North Carolina (I’m randomly obsessed with the Carolinas - I want to retire there some day), and somewhere to go skiing (not my idea of a relaxing vacation, but I guess I’ll give it a try for Jordan’s sake). Oh and of course Italy and Greece...but I’ll keep wishing on that one.
Maybe one day...

2) Buy a house.
We bought our first house at the end of October. There’s definitely a lot of work that still needs to be done, but it’s a roof over our heads so I’ll take that as a check off the list!
The day we closed on our house

3) Do something crazy and spontaneous.
We’re neither crazy nor spontaneous people by nature. This one might need a little work. Hopefully it can involve a trip to knock a few more things off of number one? Wishful thinking.
HAHA Yeah right!

I’m so ready to get a puppy. Hopefully I can check that one off the list over the summer! All we know is that we’re going to the SPCA. I know I can’t go looking until we’re actually ready (probably after the Bahamas) because I will totally come home with a new friend. 
OMG I want one!!!

5) Sit courtside at a basketball game.
SO this is actually what this post was about. Jordan and me absolutely love going to New Orleans Hornets games. We go as often as we can and usually have seats way up at the top of the arena. Yesterday my dad called and said that his company had two extra tickets for the Hornets game. Little did we know that we would be in the club level, row 12, with cup holders on the seats in front of us, and a waiter. We even got to ride up an escalator protected by a bouncer with a black light, checking to make sure you had an invisible stamp on your wrist. There was also a lounge with a bar and couches. Pretty freaking awesome, and probably even better than courtside seats if you ask me. Since I could actually see how gigantic the players are AND see them sweat, I’ll take this as a definite check off of my list!
My camera died when we got there. My phone seriously didn't do it justice!


  1. What a fun post!!! I love this idea...a Cradle list - so cute!! Love you friend.

  2. You make me laugh! I like the Cradle list idea!

  3. Love this one, and glad I made the list :)