Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My crazy life lately

My goodness. Life has been absolutely crazy lately! Between teaching and this new puppy, I barely have time for anything. I'm so sleepy, this post will have to be in bullet points.

* Buster is growing fast. Generally he's a very cute puppy. Sometimes he does things like rip my pants, act like a piranha biting my toes from under the table, and dig holes in the yard. As of right now the cuteness outweighs the bad puppy-ness. Let's hope that sticks. haha

Top 2: being a cute little puppy.
Bottom 2: being a piranha

* Last Friday we decided to put our deep fryer to use and fry some eggplant, shrimp, and catfish. By "some" I actually mean a ton. It was a lot of fun though. Always fun to hang out with good friends, make dinner, and have a game night!

Such a fun game! If you haven't played it before, go buy it right now!

* Jordan was the best hubby ever and made me surprise french toast the next morning. I'm not sure he's ever cooked me a fancy breakfast like that before. He definitely gets a good hubby award for that!

SO YUMMY!!! I love breakfast food

* Saturday I was cleaning the house all day in preparation for a bridal shower at my house on Sunday. Somehow cleaning the house morphed into learning how to garden. Great idea at first (as most things like that are). THEN we realized we had no idea what we were doing. It took us literally all day, a lot of digging, a dog tied to our door, and 3 trash cans...but it turned out ok!

The garden before (well, actually before it got absolutely horrible)
So much better! Notice that the circle patch doesn't have a ton of grass in it anymore.
Digging that up was the horrible part!

* Sunday was the bridal shower at my house! Besides the inability to produce trash (because all of our cans were filled with grass and weeds and such), it went very well. Lots of good food and a champagne punch that went over very well. Congrats Rachele! Can't wait for your wedding!

Decorations and the bridal party! I forgot to take a picture of the food - oops!

* Speaking of weddings, I have some exciting news! I will be in 4 weddings this year. One this May, one next March, one next April, and one next June. My goodness, I'm excited!! I've never been in a wedding (except for my own), so I can't wait to have the bridesmaid experience times 4! Next March-June will be crazy, but oh-so-much fun!

* Apparently I'm chocolate dipping challenged. My niece's 1st birthday party is this weekend and I'm making cake balls. Tonight was the trail run, and I have to say - trying to dip them in chocolate = MAJOR FAIL. Hopefully the couple of tips I got tonight will make tomorrow's trail run (part 2) go ok. At least I have a few days to master this!


  1. I'm going to have to check out that board game! I love board games! Your yard looks great! I feel like yard work is always like that - you have such high ambitions and then halfway in it's like what the heck was I thinking, but it always turns out good. (actually, every project seems that way to me!)Good luck with the cake balls! I made them for my niece's first birthday - but i did the "pops" which made it easier to dip! They sell little plastic "dippers" at most cake decorating stores!

  2. I have both you and Victoria's posts bookmarked to help me! I absolutely loved your ladybug cake pops. As soon as I saw you did that for your niece's birthday, I decided I HAD to do it for my niece (her 1st birthday is this weekend). Apparently I'm just ridiculously chocolate-dipping challenged. I got a lot of good suggestions last night, so hopefully I can get this right tonight! haha