Monday, July 25, 2011


I realize I haven't blogged in a VERY long time. I wish I had some eloquent explanation as to why. I guess mainly the end of the school year and the beginning of summer weren't particularly interesting. We did go on a fabulous vacation to the Bahamas - which maybe I'll write about later, but besides that life has been exceptionally boring. The good kind of boring. The kind of boring that includes limited to no drama.

Hopetown, Bahamas = Paradise

School ended. My Kindergarteners graduated and are moving on to first grade. The summer of a teacher (that has no personal children) is generally spent doing things that require a minimum amount of brain power. I started working at a summer camp almost immediately afterward school let out and that lasted for 6 weeks. I now have 3 weeks off before I start up full time again at school. This time off is amazing...for example today I spent all day on the couch, reading on my Nook, and playing with Buster. See - nothing newsworthy.

Buster Boo is getting so big!

I do have a fun story to share. I've been working in my know, trying to get things clean and organized before the crazy crunch time starts. I decided to wash all of the stuffed animals and random other things the kids used this past year. The first few loads came out perfectly. The came these.

Mean, mean Target bags

Apparently I had a brain fart while washing these. I had the sense to tie all of the handles so they wouldn't get tangled and even washed them on the delicate cycle. Then came the problem: the dryer. I knew not to put them in there. I knew it, but I did it anyway. Que melted bags and little red bits everywhere. It took me 3 hours to successfully feel like the dryer was clean and wouldn't ruin future loads of laundry. 3 HOURS. Ridiculous.

So, make a mental note. Never ever put your eco friendly grocery bags in the dryer. And if you do, find a swiffer cloth, a magic eraser, and scrub for 3 hours.


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