Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

While most of the world has been experiencing fall-like weather for a while now (maybe even snow), New Orleans just recently got the memo. I've been seriously counting down the days until the cooler weather would stick...mainly because I want to wear my boots and not sweat in the process. Well lo and behold, this weekend has brought some nice weather down to the big easy!

Loving my new garden flag!
In celebration of fall, I planted some mums in the garden. I'm kind of loving them considering most of my old plants had turned into pretty sticks. I love having some color in the front yard again.

Also, a few weeks ago I hosted a pumpkin glittering party. I never got around the writing about it because I wanted to wait until I could show off the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Here's  sneak peek!


  1. I'm totally intrigued...pumpkin glittering party? This sounds amazing! Share the pictures with us soon, I'm very curious!!

  2. Pumpkin glittering is so fun!!! I can't wait for Christmas!

    ~ Victoria