Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I’m sorry I’ve been on hiatus for a while. The last REAL post I made was around a month ago...and a lot has happened since then. There is oh so much to catch you up on (and I apologize in advance because this will be long). Here is a random recap of happenings from the past month:

1. School is going well, although sometimes it seems as if parents need to be reminded to get a hobby (that is, one that isn’t bugging your child’s teacher). A few of them got that memo and decided to have a silent competition for the cutest kindergarten snack. Here are a few examples:
Bat Cookies

Snack-o-lantern -- SO CUTE!

This wasn't my class, but I just love it!

2. I finished reading Lauren Conrad’s book series called LA Candy. If you were a fan of The Hills (or just interested to hear about the other side of reality TV), I would definitely recommend them. There are three books in the series and they are very easy reads…relatively mindless books are my favorite ones. Here is a picture from the book signing where I got to meet her! (If you’re wondering why there are peanuts behind her, it’s because instead of the book signing being in a BOOK store it was at Sams)
Lauren Conrad book signing

3. I learned that going to a Saints game for Halloween is way more fun than going to a party. People watching was a lot of fun, the game was great (minus the fact that Stealers fans SUCK), and we both loved dressing up for a black and gold Halloween.
Black and gold costumes!

4. I love all of my rent-a-babies. Thank goodness my friends and family have adorable kids we can borrow every now and then!
My hubby and our niece

My best friend Molly's cute baby

5. Being a homeowner reminds me of this quote from the Notebook.

6. I went to Nashville to visit my great friend Victoria for her birthday. It was a much needed, amazing, relaxing, girly weekend. She seriously is the best hostess in the world. Visiting her is always so much fun! Here are a few highlights from my trip.
I've always wanted to go to a vineyard!!

The cute cupcake place that made Carrie Underwood's wedding cupcakes

The Nashtrash tour...SO FUNNY!

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  1. This post made me realize how much has happend for you this month!! So many fun things!! I am about to post pics from this weekend. I miss youuuuuuu