Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you...

I had an interesting Christmas to say the least. Since this blog is devoted to happiness, I’ll go ahead and skip most of it and leave you with this picture.

Bah Humbug!

 My family has a rather recent tradition of playing games that involve prizes at holiday functions. It started out as a grown up Easter egg hunt two years ago. Each egg had a number inside, and those numbers corresponded to prizes…some amazing and some not so much. Since we had so much fun running around that Easter two years ago, my mom decided to have a candy cane hunt the next year for Christmas. We loved it that time too and ended up playing again this year.

Can I just say right now how much I suck at this game? Me, my hubby, and my brother are all really competitive. For some reason when I go to search for candy canes or Easter eggs, I freeze and end up with nothing. Maybe it’s because both of the boys have really long legs and have a head start? Maybe it’s because I never know exactly what to search for because my mom is so sneaky about it? (this year she wouldn’t tell us what to look for – there were ornaments, buttons, candy canes, and walnuts)

Anyway, I always end up with the least amount of eggs/candy canes by FAR. Ending up with just a few numbers isn’t always a bad thing in this game. My mom always makes sure to put in a few really great prizes and a few very terrible prizes, so you never know what you will end up with. She also created certain numbers that mean you can trade prizes before knowing what is inside of them. This makes for a very interesting and complicated game, depending on the mood of the participants.

Every other year it has worked out ok and I ended up with ok prizes. This year was the exception. While my brother and hubby were opening prizes such as good wine, gourmet salts, absolute vodka with bloody mary mix, and a $50 bill...I found myself opening up a can of monkey butt paste, a plastic monkey oven mit, a weird card game, and a Tiffany’s box which contained a note that said to give everyone in the room a hug.

Merry Christmas!

I totally lost at Christmas. Haha It was a lot of fun though! My grandma was in tears from laughing so hard. At the end of it all, my mom told me "It's ok sweetie! Next year we'll switch the game and play something you have a chance at...like POKER!" Knowing my mom, I'm sure it will end up being the most complicated, made-up game in the world. We shall see how that works out come Easter! Hope all of you had a very merry Christmas!!

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  1. We do "Big Kids" Easter Egg hunts and Christmas games in my family too! This year - my mom put tiny little ornaments all over a tiny tree and we went around the room picking ornaments off - each ornament had a number on it and that's how much the ornament was "worth" - I made $25 off the game...my brother made $3 - he felt your pain!
    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas minus the stinky gifts!