Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Game"

This weekend is a very big weekend for football in New Orleans. The Saints are in the playoffs and are playing in the dome on Saturday...AND LSU is in the National Championship on Monday which is in New Orleans this year! LSU being in the National Championship is incredibly exciting to me. If they win they will have accomplished a completely undefeated season, which is not very common for my favorite college football team.
Geaux Tigers!!!
My mom called me yesterday telling me that my dad got me and my brother tickets for "the game." She was so excited about it, so I automatically assumed it was for the National Championship. I didn't get to go to the National Championship last time LSU was in it (which was coincidentally also in New Orleans), and she knew it would mean so much to me to be able to be there this year. After an entire day of jumping around and screaming because I was so excited, I called my brother to talk about our plans for the big day. When I told him I was taking a half day off from work he was very confused. The conversation went something like this.

Joey: "Why would you need to take time off on a Saturday?"
Me: "A SATURDAY? The game is on Monday, you dummy!"
Joey: "Steph, you do know we're going to the SAINTS game, right?"
Me: "Ohhhhh....."
Geaux Tigers...oops...Saints!
So if you're in New Orleans this weekend, be very careful when referencing "the game." There have already been many incidences involving making plans for "the game" when the person I was talking to wasn't talking about the same game as me. Anyway, it's not very often that there are two huge games in such a small period of time in the same place. This weekend will definitely be one for the record books!!

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