Monday, September 20, 2010

Best App Ever

So my husband, Jordan, got me a Droid Incredible for my birthday. I was never a big fancy phone person. I always just used my phone for talking to people and texting...but I have definitely been converted to a smart phone believer. This phone really can do anything (I'm sure it does just as many cool things as an iphone, but I've never had a phone like this, so it's pretty exciting playing with all of the cool features!). I've gone slightly app crazy and found this one last night that I wanted to share.

It's called Grocery IQ and I'm pretty sure it's already made my life 10 times easier. It's a grocery list on your phone, it automatically sorts the items into categories, and you can even make lists for multiple stores. It seems so simple, but I'm in love. As you find the items in the store you check them off on your phone and they disappear from the screen.

I've probably never been so excited to shop at the grocery store as I was today. If you have a smart phone, it's definitely worth a download!

Update: I just fell in love with this app even more! You can scan the barcodes of your favorite products and put them in your favorites. No more asking my husband what kind of shampoo he uses every time he asks me to pick some up! AND when you put in the specific brands it will search for coupons for you (and you can email them to yourself and print them out). I really do think this app has changed my life a little!


  1. This is definitely an app I would like! The day I finally upgrade to a smart phone, I'm getting this app first!

  2. Haha I was never a smart phone person, and it's TOTALLY worth it! And this app just made my life sooo much easier. I ALWAYS leave the grocery list at home.