Thursday, September 23, 2010

Working with kids = getting sick

I guess getting sick is one of those supposedly fun perks from my job! My kids gave me strep throat this week, which is terrible timing considering we are closing on our house this Friday and need to start packing and finish shopping for things! There is SO MUCH TO DO and practically no time to do it in - our weekends are entirely booked up until November (no joke)! I know we'll "make it work" somehow...and I'll definitely post about this fun new adventure of becoming a homeowner!  

But, on the bright side, being sick comes with daytime TV, soup, and a note from my doctor telling me to rest and not "clean the house or pack boxes until Monday." Considering how I've been feeling since Sunday, sleeping nearly all day will not be an issue at all. I definitely feel guilty about sitting here doing absolutely nothing, but hey, it was doctor's orders!

PS: Is there one thing you always want when you're sick? When I was little my grandma would always make me Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup from a box. I still want it every time I get sick (or lonely) :-)


  1. best soup evverrr! get well soon!

  2. Oh and I forgot about the naps! Loving having a reason to sleep all day!