Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspiration for all of the teachers out there

Teaching can be a very, very rewarding job. But even the best jobs have rough days...especially when you work with unpredictable 4 and 5 year olds. A coworker sent this in an email from a book called 365 Meditations for Teachers, and I wanted to share it. Even if you are not a teacher, I think it totally applies to most areas of work (especially the bold parts).

"A teacher's job was highly respected within the community in which I was reared. My parents always told me to follow the teacher's directions. There was never a time when I heard either of them say that the teacher was wrong and I was right. Whatever the teacher said was the gospel.

In today's world, some people don't have that same level of respect for teachers. Grades are questioned and teachers are held accountable for almost everything. This kind of attitude can make teachers feel their job is not important. Yet, the majority of teachers I have worked with have been wonderful teachers - teachers who have a lot of passion for their jobs.

So, next time someone says something about you, your classroom, or your teaching style, continue to say to yourself that you are a great teacher. Walk into the buildings each morning reciting affirmations, remembering that God loves you and has chosen you. You have to feel good about yourself before someone else can see the greatness in you. Smile and keep doing a great job every day. Don't let outside influences interfere with the job God has given you to do with HIS children. After a period of time, those who criticize you will begin to see the light that is shining around you.

Father, help me keep my joy when others try to destroy it. Amen.

--Angela M. Bailey"

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