Friday, September 17, 2010

TGIF (plus a little chocolate)

Today I started my journey into paying it forward through post-it notes. Last week we had Monday off, a 2pm dismissal on Tuesday, AND a 2pm dismissal on Thursday, which, in turn, made this week seem incredibly long. Everyone I work with was counting down the days until the weekend starting on Tuesday! I wanted to do something for them to celebrate the fact that we all made it through this crazy week. 

I woke up early this morning on a mission. I flipped through my Instant Happy Notes book and found the perfect thing to give to everyone I work with.

Hopefully I was able to make at least a few people smile :-)

PS: I'm also planning on following my own advice by partaking in leftover chocolate birthday cake, a box of wine (the not so trashy kind), and Project Runway with some friends! Sounds like a great Friday night to me!

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