Thursday, September 16, 2010

A puppy a day makes sadness fade away

As you’ve probably noticed, kids, in general, are very happy. Besides the occasional temper tantrum, they tend to be very smiley little people that are amused by the small things in life. If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I share many of the same interests as the Kindergarteners I teach. My favorite movies are usually rated G and involve animated animals, I live for snack time, and one of my goals in life has always been to make a room of people break into song and dance. What can I say? I love being in sync with the mindset of a 5 year old! Children that age are so innocent and absolutely love to smile. Plus they are able to find pleasure in the most simple and unconventional places.

So today, on my mission to find happiness in the little things, I decided to go straight to the source: my Kindergarteners. I asked them all to name one thing that makes them happy and I wrote down their answers.

Here are the top 5:
1. Doggies
2. Christmas
3. Playing with Mommy and Daddy
4. Kittens
5. Snacks

There were a few curve balls thrown in there as well. One child told me he likes riding his pretend doggy because his dad won’t let him get one. Another one told me he likes baby kittens because his cat got married and had babies (the rest of the class tried to probe further, but I told them that cats can indeed get married – that was a Disney movie somewhere down the line, right?).

Anyway, my insight into the mind of a 5 year old got me thinking. I completely forgot how much a puppy could make any day instantly better! So, on my way back from work I stopped at the pet store and had this waiting for me.

I can’t WAIT to get a puppy! Then the trifecta of little kid happiness will be complete. I already have snacks and Disney movies covered; now I just need a puppy in my life! In the mean time, I’ll keep looking at Daily Puppy to satisfy my craving.


  1. Double M Feed on W Esplanade! They were super cute...nothing we want but cute to play with :-)

  2. What a cute post Steph!! Puppies make me happy too. When are y'all planning on getting a puppy?

  3. We're talking about around Christmas time so that I'll have more time to train the puppy while I'm off of work. Who knows for sure though! I'm soooo ready!

  4. i thought i recognized the hard pellet litter that they always put their puppies in! Last week they had Westies :)