Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are officially homeowners!!

We closed on our first home yesterday!! I can't believe we are finally homeowners. It's so crazy to think that we only got married a little over 8 months ago and now we are on to a new adventure of owning a home. The closing was in an office downtown and THIS was the view we had while signing our names 100 times. So gorgeous!

After we closed, even though it was against doctor's orders, me and my hubby went to work. We ran to Lowes and then scrubbed the house pretty much from top to bottom. It was in great condition when we first looked at it, but because so many contractors had come in and out, it was a total mess. Even after spending all night cleaning, we still feel like it needs at least one more round before we can move anything in! We have so many little projects we want to get done before we move in and relatively no time to do it in. Hopefully it will all come together and we will be able to move in either on the 3rd or the 10th. More updates to come!

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