Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Shark Week Conversation

First off, let me just say that I have been obsessed with Shark Week on Discovery for years now. I remember watching it way back in middle school and loving every minute of it. There’s just something so fascinating about sharks. And I’m sure many people agree with that because Shark Week has been a very popular topic this week.

I love those great whites!

Anyway, we have been calling my brother’s dog, Brewster, a shark for a while now. Whenever my brother leaves, the dog starts circling around everything in the house. He also has random other shark-like tendencies while playing with other dogs or interacting with people.

Circling, attacking cameras, and stalking his prey

My brother and me had a nice conversation about this via Facebook today that I just have to share.

Me: Have you been watching Shark Week? If so, are you starting to find more similarities between Brewster and a shark? Because I'm pretty sure Buster is 50% shark at this point.

Joey: yea I have, I’m actually shooting my own documentary to give to discovery channel called The Great Brown Brewster. It's about how even though this beast may be dangerous and hunt pray, it can and will interact with human beings. And till this day, even though many people fear the animal of the deep, there has been no recorded attacks or deaths....

Me: Hahaha! That just made my day!

I don't know what’s up with our dogs. Some say they get the terrible twos, but I guess our dogs get the sharks. Very rare and incurable syndrome, but it sure as hell beats the alligator gar phase and kangaroo hops.

Me: It appears you are correct. Our dogs do get a case of the sharks. Tell Evan to watch out for Charlie (his girlfriend and her new puppy). The shark syndrome might be contagious. I can only imagine how much Buster is learning while listening to shark week!PS: I kind of liked the kangaroo phase. That was when he was a cute little puppy! What I didn't like the piranha under the table phase...

Buster's piranha under the table phase...good thing he doesn't fit under there anymore!

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