Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Art Market Date

Growing up, me and my mom spent a lot of weekends at different art markets around town in New Orleans. We always had that interest in common. There was something amazingly fun about spending time with my best friend/mom and looking at all kinds of artwork. Our absolute favorite market has always been the monthly art market at Palmer Park.

Some artwork we liked this weekend

A little over a year ago my mom decided to do something she had always wanted to do. She decided to finally become a part of the art market scene. My mom has always been an amazing artist, but it took a lot of convincing to get her interested in selling her work. She now has a pretty nice business going selling floor mats, paintings, and ceramics - Jan Salzer Art.

My mom's first time being in the Palmer Park Art Market

This weekend she took a break from sitting in her booth to have the chance to explore the art market with me - just like we had done so many times growing up. As always there was amazing artwork, live music, and homemade strawberry lemonaid (sadly they didn't have the Fry Bar this time - these french fries are to die for).

Cool artwork, the live music, and the strawberry lemonaid stand - can't get much better!

Even if you don't want to, it's very hard to resist buying things in the fun environment. Luckily, I only ended up spending $2 on this really cool serenity glass. Read the meaning behind it. Everyone needs a piece of serenity glass in their lives.

And after a fun day listening to live music, brousing various booths, and sipping on strawberry lemonaid, we had to do the only other thing that would make the day perfect. We went to the Southern Yacht Club for some gumbo. I have to say, this was one of the best mother daughter dates we've had to date! Love you, mom.

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  1. Your mom is SO talented, love her stuff! Isn't it great to have traditions with your mom. Love that!! My mom and I have shopping dates too. It's what we do best ;)