Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I guess I've recovered enough to write about my weekend...

Ok. It's been well over a week. I guess I've recovered enough from the LSU/Bama weekend to write about it...Let's just say last Saturday was a very eventful day.

It started with my sweet friend Kelly's absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding. Have you ever been to a wedding where you notice every tiny detail and see so much simple elegance in all of it? Well this was one of those kind of weddings. Beautiful scenery (the Mississippi River), a gorgeous beaming bride, a singing groom, and everyone dancing and having fun. It was hands down one of the best weddings I've been to. You could just tell how happy they were and I think that's what makes a wedding go from fun to amazing. Seeing the love people have for one another is always the most important thing. :-)

I love taking pictures at weddings (well, actually I love taking pictures in general), but I think this is one of the first times that all of my pictures came out this nice. That says a lot about how gorgeous this wedding was! Not even one bad blurry picture. Love it!

AND here's where the night gets interesting. After the wedding, we headed downstairs to a bar that's in the same building as the reception. They had some giant screens set up to play the big LSU/Bama game, and we were all looking forward to "the game of the century." Jordan had called ahead and got a bunch of us a really nice roped off section. I bet the people who worked there were thinking "Yay! A group of people dressed up nice who just want to sit quietly and watch the game." Boy would they have been wrong.

As you can see, we were a little crazy (as evident by the picture of Jordan being teleported somewhere via the light fixture). AND these pictures were all taken before the game even started. By the time the game started we had a table full of cheese fries and beer. Some people were armed with wrist bands entitling them to drink specials and an open bar at half time (this fact will come in handy in a bit). The bar was truly a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure my favorite part was that they played dance music during commercial breaks. After coming from a fun wedding, we were all very excited to get to dance some more!

Then came half time. And lots of shots (from the people who bought wrist bands). You would have thought my friends had never drank before in their lives. I'm pretty sure the first thing my parents told me when I turned 18 was to never mix liquors...and I follow that rule religiously. These crazy people were doing shots of jager, followed by shots of vodka, followed by shots of tequila, etc. You get the picture. And you can guess what happened outs across the board. I won't get into the gory details, but I can say that my foot was thrown up on twice, I missed quite a bit of the second half checking on people in the bathroom, and over half of my friends woke up the next morning not knowing who won the game. Which is sad because that game was A-MAZ-ING!!!

Oh, you thought my tale was over? Not quite. After being one of six people (out of over 20!) who could walk myself out of the bar, I had an incident. Our ride had left due to shot sickness, so we decided to take a cab home. Close your eyes and picture this scenario. Jordan hails a cab from the other side of a busy street. Me and one of my friends scurry across the street to join him. Jordan is in the cab and the door is wide open. I get one foot in the cab....and the driver TAKES OFF! With me hanging out and the door wide open. I ended up on my back looking like a sad turtle (Jordan was curious how that part happened - I looked at him and said "What was my other option?! Surf on the sidewalk with one foot in the cab?). Needless to say my foot on the ground wasn't so happy. I know it could have been way worse, but it took me a good week to be able to wear real shoes again. 

It was actually a lot grosser in person....and hurt SO bad. Plus my pretty pedicured toes lost parts of both of the big toenails in the process. Ew. At least I'm all patched up now and lived to tell the tale!

So the moral of this story is: don't mix your liquors and be very observent when entering a cab. :-) GEAUX TIGERS!


  1. Wow - that does look painful! Worth it for an epic night out, though, right??

  2. Most definitely! I would call that an epic night for sure. Although I'm hoping in my next "epic night" there will be less injuries/shots and more, well, remembering.