Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things that make me smile this week

1) My crazy Buster Boo
He's just so cute and cuddly this week...which I definitely needed after my crazy weekend!
I really can't get enough of this picture!

2) Pinterest
Ok, I know I'm severely late in the game with getting into Pinterest. In the back of my mind I probably knew that it would be way too addicting. And I was right...I can't get enough of this website! So many good, creative ideas. Here are a few of my favorites so far that I WILL be making over Thanksgiving break.

Remember my cork dilemma? Well, I've been the biggest procrastinator in the world and have yet to make anything with my Napa wine corks. I LOVE this idea and hadn't stumbled across something like it yet. Thanksgiving break project? Yes, please!

Seriously. Why have I never thought of this before? So easy and so cute! Wood letters glued to a canvas and sprayed all one color. Love it!

We host a dinner party for our friends every thanksgiving called Friendsgiving. I've been getting some super cute ideas for decorating off of Pinterest. I love this centerpiece!

I also MUST make these. How cute! Votive candle holders made out of small pumpkins. I'm sure the candle won't even need a scent with the pumpkin smell in the room!

3) Soup
I'm obsessed with soup when it starts to get cold out (although in New Orleans, it seems like we only have one cold day every other week - but that's beside the point). This week I made a corn, crab, and shrimp soup. So yummy. I'm currently scouring pinterest for other soup recipe ideas.
Not my soup, but it looks the exact same!

4) Boots and Tights
I love me some boots and tights for the fall! I'm telling you. That one cold day a month just makes me go fall weather crazy! (Although, I have a foot injury that is causing me to currently only wear one specific pair of flip flops...more about that with my upcoming weekend recap...I'm still recovering and am a little scared to write about it haha). I already talked about my boot obsession, and it is getting worse. I've been holding myself back, but I'm pretty sure I'm about to go on a boot shopping spree. Sorry, hubby! I can't help it!
Love this outfit! Must recreate...

Next up: my weekend recap (that I'm still recovering from and scared to write about). Here's a hint. It involved a beautiful wedding, watching the amazing LSU game, my friends getting absolutely crazy, going to the Saints game in a daze, and a cab related foot injury.   :-)

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  1. I love Pinterest too!! i need to follow you!
    ~ Victoria