Friday, November 4, 2011

Working with kids = getting sick...sometimes

Working with kids comes with a lot of great perks, but getting sick is most certainly not one of them. I had parent teacher conferences today and it made me realize something. I have always been the strep throat queen (I have no idea why I still have my tonsils after getting strep so much), but for some weird reason this year I have remained relatively healthy. Go me! I think it has something to do with the vitamins I've been taking, so I wanted to share my "secret." I'm horrible at swallowing pills. Horrible! So every day I take two Flinstone vitamins. Laugh if you want, but I will swear by them.

I've also been taking Emergen-C every morning and afternoon (only when I'm starting to feel a little sick, which has been happening a lot lately since the weather is constantly changing). I like the raspberry flavor the best...and I don't add as much water as it recommends. I started feeling sick right before my wedding and these little babies saved me from coughing down the aisle. Hopefully they keep on working because getting sick this weekend is just not an option! I'm going to a good friend's wedding, watching the big LSU game after, and going to the Saints game on a double date with my little brother. No time for getting sick!

Also, I've heard a lot of people swear by Zicam Rapid Melts. I bought some yesterday, but I'm not sure if I like them quite yet. I'll let you know if I become one of those people who love them though. I'm not sure that what I've been experiencing lately is a cold - probably just allergies, so I doubt these are supposed to help with that. We'll see! 

And when all else fails, there always my go to "get well soon" soup.

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