Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For - My Little Family Edition

I'm thankful for a lot this holiday season, but my little family is definitely the thing I am most grateful for.

It's so strange for me to be able to call my hubby and my puppy "my little family," but they truly are. I never would have thought that in a matter of two years I would be grown up enough to have a family of my own. My husband is a constant support system in my life. As my mom always tells me, he can calm me down and reason with me better than she ever could. He's my best friend and the best puppy daddy...and I know he'll make a great father one day! In the past two years we have grown so much together. We got married, bought a house, went on a few amazing trips, and of course adopted our little Buster.

Our wedding in January 2010, our one year anniversary in Napa, and our family trip to the Bahamas this summer

Who would have thought a little furry thing would change your life so much in all the best ways? My goodness, we love our Buster Boo (as I'm sure you can probably tell)! He'll be a year old in just a few weeks. We adopted him in February, and we're pretty sure he was around 2 months old at the time. Time really does fly!

I honestly think this dog was meant to be in our lives. He is so quirky, and we love him so much for that. Remember his strange addiction to hiding his bones around our house? Yeah, he still does that. At least he grew too big to be a piranha under our table. He likes to help me change the sheets by laying on them. And he steals our socks out of the laundry basket if we're ignoring him. Clearly it's his cry for attention. Why he doesn't just bark, I'll never know. My favorite thing about him though, is his wiggle butt dance. When we get home from work, he always greets us in the happiest way. And he does that for literally everyone that comes in the door. He's always so happy...I just love that little puppy!

Buster hiding his bones, helping with the laundry, hiding our socks, and cuddling with a toy

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Such a sweet post! I'm thankful for you, friend! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - Victoria

  2. Part two of "the things I'm thankful for" series will be about my amazing friends! I'm so glad you live in NOLA now!!! :-)